AI in Social services

Social Retail

AI has altered the way people shop. Helps in improving client service, search capabilities, and send out information about new collections and can contribute to the success of retail store. Increased growth will come as a result of automated procedures, better business insights, and higher customer engagement. Chatbots, visual search, and voice search are examples of artificial intelligence retail solutions that can significantly improve your bottom line. Forecasting, inventory management, and more may all be improved. When that same data is evaluated in the cloud, new business insights can be gained. Make offers that your customers want to see with the help of AI-powered analytics. Develop ways to predict and influence your consumers' next moves and deliver the right offers in an efficient and effective manner. to process and analyse shopper and transactional data in order to get better forecasts and more information.

Use Cases
Price forecasting

Forecast price based on demand, seasonal trends, characteristics by using machine learning models to classify over a million items from various sellers with different price.

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Visual Search

Visual Search allowing customers to upload images and find similar products based on colors, shapes, and patterns.

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Virtual fitting rooms

Virtual fitting rooms for customers to save time and find the perfect outfit with all the elements perfectly matched

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Personalised recommendations for customers based on behavioral economics and build an individual approach to each customer.

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