AI technologies assist farmers in optimising planning to produce more abundant harvests by determining crop choices, the optimum hybrid seed options, and resource use. Collecting data and analysing helps in enhancing accuracy through seasonal forecasting.

Use Cases
Detect diseases in plants, pests, and poor plant nutrition on farms.

Predictive Analytics uses artificial intelligence to assist in the detection of plant diseases, pests, and inadequate plant nutrition on farms. AI sensors can identify and target weeds while determining which herbicides to administer within the appropriate buffer, avoiding herbicide overuse and resistance.

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Market analysis

Analyse market demand and recommend profitable growth items

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Predict seasonal changes

Predict seasonal changes based on insights received from the past historic data and the current weather changes.

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In News

Agdhi is disrupting the Global Agriculture and food manufacturing sectors. With Innovative methods in Seed Quality analysis, increasing yield outcomes, improving farming methods are few of the most important transformation which will increase agriculture innovations.

Agri-start up Agdhi bags USD 70,000 grant
Agdhi, Agritech Startup awarded the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG), a Flagship Program by BIRAC
Agdhi launches AI-based tech to check quality of seeds
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