Design and develop process through testing and production to marketing in the automobile life cycle. Data from the various sources are used to determine the different customer needs and makes it to be a powerful information source. Analyse and interpret the different drivers for advancement in design, testing, and understanding customer needs and expectations.

Use Cases
Enhance Customer Experience

Help consumers gather information about vehicles, determine which car to buy, and when to connect with a dealer from different data analytic models.

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Recommender systems

BIdentify the best purchase vehicle option for users depending on their demographics and needs based on several data points gathered from external dealers. E-commerce websites provide some highly personalised offers and a custom-tailored online purchasing journey to visitors.

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Pricing optimisations:

Create a pricing system that adjusts and optimises rates automatically, utilising machine learning technologies.

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Predictive Analytics

Predict consumer behaviour, such as a significant intent to buy a specific type of product or switching to competitors for a lower price.

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Sentiment Analysis

Monitor social media on a large scale, automatically obtaining analysis of dat about what is driving traffic, engagement and sentiments.

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Chatbots and virtual assistants:

Chatbots application can communicate with customers simulating conversations that is human like

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GoGoBot- Intelligent Virtual Automotive bot

GoGo is a conversation-based intelligent virtual assistant that understands natural language and uses voice and text to reply to customer inquiries. Its AI-powered continuous learning and intelligent information retrieval capabilities allow users to be engaged in a variety of ways. It can deal with a wide range of situations and can also be taught new abilities.

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