Amritha vidyapeetham,in partnership with innovation incubator,is hosting the first ever one week Hackathon in its Bengaluru campus for Artificial Intelligence, Computer Sceience and Engineering and MBA undergraduate and graduate students to find innovative solutions tha will lead to winning prizes, internship and incubating startups.

Hackathon problem areas on AI
  • Healthcare

  • Real Estate

  • Automotive

  • Retail

  • Agritech

Problem Statement

Nowadays, AI chatbots are starting to take care of patient enquiries, particularly to check symptoms, and first level of follow-up questions. Then there is the patient-doctor encounter during a visit/consult. Doctors need to go through this full conversation to understand the patient concern and health problems. Doctors and other care providers in hospitals and clinics are therefore looking for ways to get good high quality summary of these dialog/interactions.

Real Estate
Problem Statement

Property buyers need to consider various factors before determine the property value. Moreover there is no guarantee on accuracy it may vary based on the sources of information used for determine the property price.

Problem Statement

Consumer behavior shifts drives the demand of a vehicle in a particular market. To understand these market change vehicle dealers required to spend great effort and huge investment. Hence dealers are looking for location based vehicle trends.

Problem Statement

People often gets confused in choosing a particular outfit for an occasion. What if we get a second opinion? Help a person to get suitable clothing and accessory recommendations by identifying the recent fashion trends from a variety of sources and groups of style combinations for an event based on different seasons and supporting colour palette.

Problem Statement

Helps an Individual to virtually try on clothing and accessories by superimposing virtual representation of the products onto a real-world image of the user to see how it would look on the user.

Problem Statement

There is no big deal in classifying seeds of different types. What if we have to classify seeds belongs to same category but different in their varieties.... Interesting right?... Make your hands dirty with AI in sorting such seeds in one go

Problem Statement

You can't expect the seeds to stand straight and pose for the photo. Also you can't say that every seeds are worth. Hence have to determine whether the seeds are good or not(Black, Broken,Good) also to separate the seeds in the image.

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