The first digital image was scanned #otd in 1957. NIST engineer Russell Kirsch’s grayscale image of his newborn son launched the field of raster graphics:

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📊 Artificial Intelligence Use Cases in FinTech

by @FINTECHCircle

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In this article, we are going to share a few days that can be helpful for data scientists to prepare themselves for an industry layoff.

Talk it Out, an interactive discussion on Addressing Children's Social and Emotional Needs, with AIM MD @rramanan and @LeherIndia Co-Founder @NicoleRangel6. #TinkerFromHome @UNICEFIndia

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Due to the lockdown, many #edtech companies have come up with a variety of online courses for data science enthusiasts for free. In this article, we discuss how businesses can create an all-inclusive online course for #datascience

Lisa Davis, Executive Director Impact Investing Portfolio Manager for PGIM Real Estate. Shares her views on impact investing and the real estate around #affordablehousing, #urban #redevelopment, and how #climatechange impacts the #market.

The Belamy | Most devastating software mistake of all time -

Wonderful to see Bisnouli Sarvodaya Gramodyog Sewa Sansthan,an NGO undertaking remarkable initiatives in the Aspirational District of Nuh in the time of Covid 19 pandemic. The Jan Arogyam team, supported by RITES run a Clinic & Mobile OPD. Congrats!


In this episode, we discuss who can become a Data Scientist and what are the important skillsets required to become one.

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We have been doing webinars here at Dream Agritech! Anybody out there who wants to spread the word about their research? Or their agricultural ventures? Hit us up so we can discuss how we can help you out!

Technology can play a greater role in helping people transition into the new normal. Be it using AI-powered facial recognition systems to automatically open doors at workplaces, or employing IoT to enable connected lifts or smart appliances.


#Plugin2020 | 28-29 May : Details :
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The latest #FinTech London Morning Bulletin ! Thanks to @kickstarter #kickstarted

In a recent report, it was revealed that by 2024, 65% of application development by organisations would be done on no-code/low-code platforms, including large enterprises, which constitutes 66% of the total respondents.

We aim to provide an extensive repository with questions asked during technical interviews for AI & Data Science profiles. It is a crowdsourced platform for the #AI & #DataScience community to share Interview questions from technology companies
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May this #EidAlFitr bless you with a content heart, a joyous home and a peaceful world!

#AI will play a key role in steering revolution in healthcare sector by accelerating drug discovery, bringing agility in diagnosis process, analysing medical images faster, initiating robotic delivery of medicines & improving hospital management system.

Terminators aren't rolling off the assembly line just yet, but each new generation of weapons seems to get us closer. And while no nation has declared its intention to build fully autonomous weapons, few have forsworn them either.

Another movie you can consider mandatory is Ex Machina.

Probably one of the best, if not the best, movie about artificial intelligence.

We had a healthy exchange on new normals and life in the post-Covid world, role of automation and artificial intelligence in enhancing agility and resilience of supply chains and reimagining business models to emerge winners in a post-pandemic economy.

With Hong Kong in the news again, I've been trying to figure out why people fall in love with a place. I was lucky to travel to HK several times as part of a research collaboration, and I definitely fell for it! 1/

Learn about the best methods for keeping #control cabinets cool in high temperature environments in this episode of the "Automation World Gets Your Questions Answered" #podcast. @RittalNA #enclosures

Did you enjoy last weeks #thinkathon? This week is all about #HealthCare and #Lessons From #COVID19.

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Happy birthday #Java, the language created by accident during a “cleanup” of C++: (credit @browserling)

Excellent op-ed from @TaraLaguMD, @rm_werner and Andy Artenstein that identifies the root causes of the PPE shortages.

Love seeing convergence on purchase guarantees and targeted deregulation as the optimal policy solutions to boost production.


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How will #smallbusiness #survive #postcovid?

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In a tech-driven world where cars can drive themselves and machines can mimic human interactions to respond to customers, can automation technologies like #AI fill the gap left by employees that were laid off?

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What is trending the world of #AI & #DataScience today?
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#Plugin2020 | 28-29 May : Details :
Glad to have Johnson Poh - @UOB_Singapore at Plugin. He will be presenting a talk on Developing a Product-Centric, AI-Driven Blueprint for the Enterprise
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The hype is still there, but it is slowly coming to the actual reality also, in terms of what is possible not what is not possible with #datascience.

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The latest #FinTech London Morning Bulletin ! #tssacredheartuniv

Bangalore-based @CoRover_App has been developing innovative Conversational #AI platform to help businesses give quick, automated and authentic responses to users’ queries and actions.
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The government has not ignored the issue of minimising distress in the present crisis

Interview with @the_hindu



We introduced #Thegeekscorner as a new series by AIM recently. The current series focuses on Career in #datascience. We have received a great response from aspiring #datascientists for this. In case you have missed them watch all episodes here :

#Cybersecurity teams play a major role in protecting specific technology infrastructure and data assets from hackers, which is considered valuable and hard to replace business function.

Blessed to have you with us among our esteemed speakers. Thank you sis @StuetiG

AIM got in touch with Madhavi Kaivalya Kandalam, VP – Chief Data Scientist of @loyltyrewardz , for our weekly column My Journey In Data Science.

Live with authors Peter Singer and August Cole discussing their new novel Burn-In about the rise of artificial intelligence and the impact it will have on society.

My latest story, in the current issue of @WIRED, looks at whether artificial intelligence is really making machines smarter:

Ethical artificial intelligence: Could Switzerland take the lead?

With its strong democracy and world-class research 🇨🇭 is well positioned to play a leading role in shaping the future of AI that adheres to ethical standards.

Desde el @WefArgentina lxs invitamos a nuestros Ciclos de Charlas que se transmitirán en vivo por nuestro Facebook Live (WEF Argentina 2020) y Youtube Live (WEF Argentina).

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40-Year Anniversary of #PacMan — now recreated with #AI by @NvidiaAI Researchers — GameGAN, a #GenerativeAdversarialNetwork trained on 50,000 PAC-MAN episodes…
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Keep up to date with the world of industrial automation with Technology Matters. In this episode we explore #opensource #SCADA, #HMI upgrades, & wearable #sensors. @InductiveAuto @hmsnetworks @OmronAutomation @opto22 @StrongArmTech @btownbourbon

Congrats to the six ND teams who qualified for the Girls Go CyberStart national competition! Century High School, New Town, Fargo North, Red River High School, Sheyenne High School & Williston High School.

Experience a deep dive into best-in-class infrastructure for #AI workloads and large-scale AI at @Microsoft. Learn about their vision to make such large AI models, training optimization tools, and computing resources available through Microsoft Azure AI:

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